Update – Chicken Check-In!


Now that the cheeps (can I still call them that?) are turning into gorgeous young gals, I thought it’d be nice to see what they look like now.  With a mixed flock of 9, we’ve got a lot of variety.  And I LOVE it.  I love being able to easy distinguish my gals, and I’m super excited to start getting an equally ranged batch of eggs in the not too distant future. 

Marilyn, 11 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte

Marilyn has started becoming the HHIC (head hen in charge) in the flock.  There was a pretty hairy 2 weeks or so where she was being quite the asshole to the other gals, particularly the polish girls.  I was getting a time out cage ready for her when she calmed down.  I think part of it was boredom.  It’d been wet and gross and the ladies hadn’t been out much.  She hasn’t been causing any problems lately. 

Squirrel, 11 week old Easter Egger


If you hadn’t figured it out already, my oldest named this one.  Apparently, she looks like a squirrel.  WHATEVER MAN.  Squirrel was actually the chicken I’d pegged as the flock bully in their first few weeks home.  In reality, she’s starting to take the lead for sweetest chick in the group.  She also the most adventurous.  She’ll jump out of the brooder when it’s open and follow me around the office while I’m cleaning or filing their food/water pipes.  My 2-year-old is able to hold and walk around with zero resistance.  Sadly, I’m starting to wonder if Squirrel might be a rooster.  I’ve gotten mixed opinions, so we’re just waiting and watching.  Fingers crossed Squirrel gets to stick around.  We’d miss her/him!

Susan, 11 week old Blue Copper Maran

Oh, Susan.  Susan, Susan, Susan.  Susan lives up to the lady she was named after – she’s a prissy bitch.  She’s also fairly vocal.  You can hear her bock bocking two rooms away.  She’s the biggest gal in the flock.  She’s food motivated.  You can hold her all day in exchange for a handful of mealworms.  Once you get her in a football hold she’s pretty chill.  I’m currently the only person she likes, which explains my middle’s genuine surprise when she was able to snag her in the backyard.

Buttercup (formerly Lucky), 11 week old Buff Crested Polish

Poor Buttercup.  She’s got quite the identity crisis going on.  She’s been through an array of names, but through them all she’s been fairly skittish, yet sweet.  She took the brunt of Marilyn’s bullying, but they’ve since come to some kind of arrangement and settled their beef.  She’s pretty shy and tends to hang with the younger chickens – which includes the other 2 Polish girls.  I like to call her Buttermilk just to irritate my kids, and Mr. Man has a secret soft spot for this little lady. 

Billina, 11 week old Lavender Orpington

The sweetest of the sweet.  She’s getting a bit more fickle as we’ve gone a few days without mealworms, but she’s easily the most affectionate of the bunch.  She’s relatively easy to catch and she’ll settle down and relax almost immediately.  She purrs more than she makes any other noise, and she’s pretty intrigued and curious when you’re giving her some one on one attention.  She’s the second largest of the girls, but very middle of the lane personality wise.  Not too passive; not too aggressive.  She’s a friends with everyone kinda lady. 

LaFonda, 9 week old Silver Laced Polish

If you’ve never seen Napoleon Dynamite, log off and rent it immediately.  LaFonda steals hearts just like in the movie.  We didn’t do the best job of socializing the second batch of chicks as well as the first, but LaFonda has come a long way.  Her bestie is Bubbles and they’re usually snuggled up together on and off throughout the day.  She’s starting to investigate things a little more, although, it’s more from a distance.  She tends to zone out when someone’s holding her, but does enjoy a good crest rub. 

Bubbles Beakman, 9 week old Golden Laced Polish

If there was a chicken equivalent of the stereotypical California stoner/surfer type, she’s it.  Bubbles is mega laid back and super chill.  She’s not a fan of people grabbing her out of her brooder, but outside she’ll just stand there waiting to be snagged without a care in the world.  She’s my middle’s favorite and the chicken that kind of pulled her into enjoying the girls.  An other fan of crest rubs, she’s LaFonda’s best friend, and enjoys being part of my middle’s interpretive dance sessions. 

Winifred Sanderson, 9 week old Blue Ameraucana

The name here really says it all, doesn’t it?  Winnie hangs with the older gals.  That’s just how she rolls.  She’s super disinterested in my love, which hurts, but we’ll work on it.  She’s also willing to go to any lengths necessary to avoid unwanted interactions.  She’s flown around my house trying to escape being held, yet also flown onto my back right out of the brooder for a better look out the window.  I know she loves me.  It’s okay if she treats me like her very own Sarah Sanderson. 

Delores, 9 week old Salmon Faverolle

Well, there’s really no way to say this.  Delores is a bitch.  She’s short, fat, and unfriendly.  And she waddles.  I can’t help though – I love her for it.  She completely suits her name.  She reminds me entirely of a grumpy elderly lady that doesn’t have time for anyone’s shit.  I think her and Susan are going to grow up and become the new 85-year-old best friends that argue all the time.  Delores tends to follow Susan around, and Susan seems to tolerate it most of the time.  Delores is an absolute nightmare to catch, and when you do you’ve only got a good 30 seconds before she finds a way to pull her wings out and beat the shit out of you with them.  I mean, just look at her picture.  You can just hear her saying, “Got a problem?!”

As a whole, we really haven’t had any problems with our mixed flock.  With the exception of a few little spats and mood swings, they’re all getting along really well.  They definitely get stir crazy if we can’t get them outside for a few days, and I try to give their treats in two chunks on each side of the brooder so everyone gets some.  No one has shown any aggression towards the kids – even the ever obnoxious two-year old.  Nobody really cares about the dogs anymore either.  I’m really happy with how everyone’s becoming one big happy family.  I’ll be a little sad next month when we take them to the coop out on the land, but I’m excited to see how much they love it!


Until next time!






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Buttercup looks very beautiful! Glad to see they get along despite being different breeds!